We have installed and maintained Access Control Security Systems for a variety of clients from both the public and private sectors ranging from local authorities to industrial and residential premises.

Our access control services are comprehensive and include complete surveying, design and installation, and range from simple, low-budget door intercom units all the way through to a computer-based, multi-site, access control systems. Being controlled from a central computer means these access control systems can manage and protect the largest of facilities. An added benefit is that they can be connected to remote sites using internet technology.

Control and Manage Access

All Security Systems can help you control and manage access to private and vulnerable sites, decreasing the chances of opportunistic criminal activity. Utilising the latest technology to ensure maximum performance, our access systems will help to protect your business whilst being able to help control and record the movement of both staff and visitors across single or multiple sites.

Access control operates on several levels from standalone systems to fully integrated and networked solutions. Our range of access control systems allows for customisation and flexibility meaning customers have many options in their fight against crime, allowing them to:

  • Identify and be fully aware of everyone who is on site, in their premises or facility. This allows customers to decide on individual access levels whilst meeting legal compliance standards.
  • Ensure a secure and safe environment for visitors and workforce alike. Our access control systems allow customers to protect not only assets but people.
  • Protect their most high-risk areas. Highly sensitive data and networks are often overlooked but they also need protecting. Our access control systems offer a vital layer of protection.

The systems we install can be developed to meet your particular operating environment and feature options like:

  • Proximity technology
  • On and off-site system management
  • Biometric Technology
  • ID Cards

The main advantage of such off-site management systems is that they encourage more efficient use of your own resources whilst providing a consistent application of access criteria – to the considerable benefit of all stakeholders.

All Security Systems are very experienced in the installation of access control systems, providing a variety of solutions to secure physical access problems. We offer a range of bespoke identity management systems that can be tailored around our customers’ individual needs.

Choose us with confidence, safe in the knowledge that our team of engineers is fully trained and qualified to the very latest industry regulatory and statutory requirements including:

SSAIB Code of Practice for Access Control Systems, SSAIB.

Visitor Management

All Security Systems can offer you a safer and more efficient way to manage and control the entering and leaving of your premises or site with our range of visitor management solutions.

Our visitor management systems provide maximum control of personnel and visitors in and out of your site or business combined with the security of full traceability. This means accurate and up-to-date records of attendance can be produced and gives you the option of incorporating visitor ID badges for a more efficient and robust signing in and out system. This technology also has its uses in emergency situations and can provide an instant record of people on-site in the event of evacuations.

For advantages like quick visitor sign in, touchscreen interface technology and safe evacuation, visitor management systems from All Security Systems are the essential choice.

Audio and Video Door Entry

All Security Systems’ audio and video door entry systems help control the movement of people across single or multiple sites. 

Our systems offer great flexibility and we have a wide range of options available allowing each package to be refined and developed to meet your individual needs. Our systems can be offered in standalone formats all the way through to being fully-integrated and networked, allowing for remote monitoring and entire site management twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Options we offer:

  • Public Telephone Network Systems
  • On and Off-site system management and control
  • Internet Protocol Audio Systems
  • Internet Protocol Video Systems
  • Audio Intercom Systems
  • Video Intercom Systems
  • GSM Intercom Systems