All Security Systems Ltd offer a comprehensive, tailored range of Life Safety System packages to suit our clients’ many varied requirements. We appreciate that when it comes to something as important as the protection of your property, its contents and members of staff the correct fire protection is of primary importance. 

All Security Systems is an ISO 9001:2015 quality accredited and provider of high-performance fire protection solutions. We constantly work to meet and exceed these industry standards by reinforcing a culture of continuous training and professional development for our engineers and staff.

All Security Systems Ltd’s experience extends across a wide range of industry sectors ranging from private and public sector, healthcare, retail, to industrial and leisure. We are confident that we can find the right combination of fire safety services to suit any client or consultant’s requirements.

We are able to offer any combination of our fire safety services, from simple one-off fire risk assessment, up to a fully managed, risk transfer model where all of your fire safety services requirements are managed by our highly trained team.

Fire Detection Systems

All Security Systems fire systems ensure a quick and efficient response in the event of a fire. Our range of systems offers a variety of solutions from simple conventional systems to the bespoke, with options including Analogue Addressable Stand Alone or Large Networked Systems, 24 hour monitored systems and Full System Integration.

By working in partnership with industry leading manufacturers including Kentec, Advanced, Apollo, Hochiki and Fireclass, we can offer wide-ranging experience in Open & Managed protocol systems, providing total Peace of Mind for our client’s ongoing maintenance requirements.

Other solutions we offer are:

  • Remote Monitoring and Fire Service Call-Out
  • High Sensitivity Aspirating Detection Systems
  • Voice Evacuation / Public Address systems
  • Wire Free Systems
  • Ansul Kitchen Suppression Systems
  • System Design and Risk Assessment including CAD Drawings
  • System Installation
  • Project Management
  • Supply & Commission Projects
  • Routine Maintenance

Fire Suppression

All Security Systems Ltd has an extensive experience in the design, installation and commissioning of fire suppression systems in a diverse range of environments and sites. We have undertaken commissions in both the public and private sectors, liaising with customers at all times to ensure we find the perfect extinguishant for the job. This is a key segment of our Fire Systems service and we are acutely aware of how important it is to keep ahead of developments in this rapidly developing field. We constantly endeavour to offer state of the art engineered solutions for our clients.

We can provide customers with the very latest in fire suppression solutions and recommend siting such technology in environments that require automatic fire protection or areas that are considered high risks such as data centres, workstation rooms or mainframe computer sites.

Disabled Refuge

The safe and efficient emergency evacuation of any structure, be it a large shopping centre, a cinema, office, school or college has always been a challenge to the building management and emergency services. Safety of disabled users who are unable to self-evacuate has always been of paramount importance. Manually handling disabled patrons, especially down stairwells, has always been problematic.

The solution comes in the form of temporary areas of safety – ‘refuge areas’. The person in need of assistance is helped to the nearest refuge area to await safe evacuation.

In the event of a fire or other emergency, staff evacuate wheelchair-restricted customers to a designated place of safety (Refuge Area). Staff then activate the Refuge Area Remote Unit, which lights a Refuge Occupied indicator on the main Control Panel. The Fire Officer (or Building Manager) is then able to communicate with the occupants of the refuge areas.

Each activated disabled refuge system has an auto listening facility to monitor activity in the Refuge Area. As each disabled person is moved to safety, the system can be reset via a key operated switch on the Refuge Area Remote Unit / Outstation.

With access provided for all, provision must be made for safe evacuation in the event of an emergency. In some circumstances, those with physical impairments can be assisted by others – but in many situations, this is not suitable or safe.

EVC, Emergency Voice Communication

An EVC, Emergency Voice Communication, system (commonly known as a Disabled Refuge System) allows firefighters and staff to communicate with one another, and persons awaiting safe evacuation in Refuge Areas, during emergency situations.

An EVC or Disabled Refuge System is a “System that allows voice communication in either direction between a central control point and a number of other points throughout a building or building complex, particularly in a fire emergency situation.” (BS5839-9:2011 3.4).