We listen to our customers exacting requirements and together with our risk assessment help provide a solution that delivers a clear return on investment.

We offer a comprehensive range of security solutions to cater for all requirements and budgets. From initial surveying and design, to installation and maintenance, we supply CCTV systems for Commercial, Industrial and Residential properties, whether it be a single stand-alone standard camera or a fully integrated, remotely monitored, cutting edge CCTV system.

Standard CCTV Cameras

All Security Systems can supply a wide range of standard CCTV cameras, ranging from monochrome to colour and from medium to high resolution.

Camera technology is one of the most dynamic areas of the industry and we offer our customers the very latest equipment on the market. The standard cameras we install are light sensitive, intuitive, colour/monochrome, meaning if the lighting level is satisfactory, the camera will show colour images to its monitor. However, if the lighting drops below a certain lux level, the camera will automatically switch itself into monochrome mode in order to send sharper, clearer images back to the monitor.

Fully Functional CCTV Cameras

We also offer fully functional CCTV cameras to our customers. These cameras allow an operator to control Pan, Tilt and Zoom functions, therefore allowing movement tracking around a site. For added convenience, these cameras can also be pre-set to carry out site tours, moving from camera to camera around a property, viewing pre-programmed zones.

Analogue and IP

All Security Systems Ltd offer a range of technologies to provide security solutions specialising, in particular, in CCTV Security, Video Analytics and CCTV equipment.

We take care to find systems that are perfectly suited for all potential needs – that’s everything from small commercial properties to large networked systems including Town Centre projects, Distribution Warehousing and multi-site customers.


All Security Systems can supply and install the latest APNR technology.

What is ANPR?

This service utilises vehicle number plate recognition technology. As vehicles approach the entrance or exit of a site, this technology has the capability of detecting their presence and recording their number plate data. Date and time information can also be captured and fed through to a remote management system that records the data and enters it into a secure database. ANPR can also be linked to barriers and bollards, meaning a system of authorised vehicular access can be controlled by an ANPR system. 

There is a growing number of applications for ANPR camera technology today with each application helping to provide a more secure and efficient service

  • Car parking facility security and management
  • Ticket-less parking fee management
  • Vehicle location guidance
  • Car theft prevention
  • Lost ticket fraud prevention

Remote monitored CCTV

We provide a full range of interactive, intelligent, monitoring packages individually tailored to provide you with the best results for your investment.

Commercial, Industrial or Residential, we can custom-build a package that will increase crime detection and reduce false alarms.

Accredited to SSAIB, our third-party, cutting-edge, monitoring centre provides experienced operators who are trained to the highest standards and will help give you full control and total peace of mind.

We will work in partnership with you to ensure we provide you with a complete solution that meets all your security requirements.

Our service offers a full range of benefits 24/7:

  • Effective monitoring
  • Incident management and reduced incident rate
  • Proactive incident prevention